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Join the Hatch Pacific Vaka on your journey to entrepreneurship.

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Hatch Pacific?

A programme that seeks to promote and develop entrepreneurship enabling Pasifika people to transform their ideas into viable businesses.

We provide a set of targeted business programmes, anchored in Pasifika values, that will develop young Pasifika entrepreneurs and business owners.

Hatch Pacific develops key success enablers:

  • Building confidence through cultural identity and values
  • Providing pastoral support and direction
  • Pathways and role models for Pasifika business success
  • Education of core business concepts
  • Workshops and expert business guidance
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Our programmes are designed to be flexible. There is a weekly time commitment that we seek from you, the rest is self-directed learning you can do at your own pace.

What people have said about Hatch Pacific

Feedback from some of our past participant's experiences of Hatch Pacific programme's have been.

Harry Stewart

"My journey with Hatch was very fulfilling. I was able to meet a wide range of people on the same path as me. As well as gain valuable insights in to the business world from a wide range of expert guest speakers.


"Massive thank you!!! I can’t even put into words how much your course not only helped me but inspired me to look at myself through another lens!"

Carlos Taula

"The journey was fun, unique and filled with self-discovery. It was also a journey of camaraderie and was an uplifting experience."

Indra Sharma

"Thoroughly loved the content provided by Hatch. All the topics covered really gave me a deeper understanding on how to effectively plan, price, market and deliver a product to targeted audiences."