Our Moana programme is about setting your business up for the long run, mapping out your future plans and creating a clear pathway to your end goal, and beyond. If you have a full-time business, or a side-hustle, and would like support developing a tailored business plan and growing your operations, the Moana programme is for you!

Who is the Moana programme for? 

  • Moana is for young Pasifika people (18 – 35 years) have an established business
  • Moana is open to business owners and entrepreneurs in all industries

What kind of things will I learn? 

Moana is about developing and growing your business. It is a mixture of learning business growth and development related topics and connecting you with other Pasifika business owners and learning from their lived experience. Topics for the programme include:

  • Business strategy design
  • Business planning
  • Financial forecasting
  • Legal compliance, and much more!

What is the time commitment?  

  • The programme will run for 14 weeks
  • Half day classes will be delivered once a week
  • You will be provided with resources and ‘homework’ to complete in your own time (roughly two days worth of work – which you are welcome to spread across the week)

How will it be delivered?

Like everything else, COVID-19 has impacted how we deliver this programme.

  • This programme will be delivered 100% online.  This means you can join the programme from anywhere in the motu
  • Future intakes will be dependent on alert levels and lockdown restrictions. However, any future in-person delivery will be conducted in Auckland – Central

Who will deliver the programme? 

You will be supported by dedicated facilitators who will guide you through the programme (who you will see every lesson) and you will get to meet lots of cool, inspirational business owners and leaders. 

“The Moana programme is about developing and growing your own business. It is a mix of learning business related topics, connecting with other Pasifika business owners and hearing from inspirational business owners.”

When does the programme start? 

Moana – Intake 1 – 25 October 2021. 

What support and resources will be provided?

We are here to make this as easy as possible for you and to help remove barriers to learning and participating.  Please talk to us about your personal situation and what support you might require to join the Moana programme. All participants will have the opportunity to receive -  

  • An electronic device to join the classes online and undertake the ‘homework’ and learning in your own time
  • Support for internet connectivity
  • The opportunity to be partnered with a ‘mentor’ (in a group mentorship setting)
  • Support to cover public transport costs (for in-person classes)
  • Access to a shared co-working space in Auckland Central (dependent on COVID-19 lockdown levels and restrictions)
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